Immersed in the Mediterranean shrubland, so dear to the poet from Abruzzo Gabriele D’annunzio and typical of the Adriatic coast, The Hotel Cerrano is located in an area that allows you to easily and shortly reach different historical – cultural attractive and landscapes, without obviously diminishing the eno-gastronomic trails and the typical products like the “arrosticini” (lamb skewers), the “ventricina” of Teramo and the fish soup. The Tower of Cerrano (Torre di Cerrano), the old port of Atri, the hermitage of D’annunzio, a walk on Gran Sasso, the Sanctuary of Saint Gabriel in the province of Teramo, are only some of the possible itineraries that are well worth visiting during your stay at the Hotel Cerrano. The Abruzzi is a region full of suggestive and breathtaking views. In a few kilometers you can get away from the seaside and you can reach altitudes of 3.000 m. It’s a region rich in culture, history and popular traditions, a region that can offer a lot, first of all, the hospitality.